Saturday, December 20, 2008

Solstice Blessings

Greetings friends! Happy Solstice to you all! The sun returns! Please click on the link to the video below for our Solstice greeting to you. This is a QuickTime video featuring scenes from our home Beyond Ester. The music is "In the dark midwinter", a traditional tune played by Sine on her new fiddle.

With great fondness to you all, Sine, Kayt, and family.


  1. Oh, Persnickety, thank you so much for these beautiful scenes and this lovely music. I can feel the light returning. We miss you so much way out here in Iowa.

  2. Hey BeJae, So good to see your comments. You've got to be the fastest commenter around! Hope to see you up here Beyond Ester again someday. In the meantime though, I'll see you soon way out there in Iowa!

  3. what a beautiful video! i think it's a sundance contender for 2009! happy solstice to you both and your lovely family!

  4. WOOHHOOO!!! i love that Sine got a fiddle!! My madolin has become really no more than decorum. All things in time. . . .sounds great though!