Friday, January 2, 2009

Borys back injury

Early afternoon, Borealys starting complaining. We could not tell what her issue was, but we suspected a back injury, impacted anal glands, or sprained tail. Best MamaKayt took her to the emergency vet clinic where Our Baby was diagnosed with a back injury. I'm feeling pretty bad because I suspect I am at fault. Earlier today, I made her and Ursa put on their coats to brave the cold weather. Bory's coat is a nice red fleece, but both front feet have to be put into the coat, and then the back is velcro. I'm sure that I caused the injury, and I feel so badly. But enough guilt. Kayt brought home rimadyl, and instructions to put ice on Borys's back. Have you ever tried to apply ice to a dog's back?? Needless to say, it didn't go well. But Borealys is sleeping now, resting better, not whining. We're hoping she will heal quickly.

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  1. Update on Borealys: she has healed well. She now holds her tail completely upright, and is eager to go on walks with her MamaKayt. There were a couple of days, though, when we were very glad for Dr. Rogers and the rimadyl that she prescribed for Our Baby. Who isn't spoiled by the way. Not at all.