Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great balls of fire!

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! We had quite the sighting last night here Beyond Ester. About midnight, the dogs and I were outside for our night-night potty. A flash caught my eye, and I turned to the east just in time to see a huge electric blue meteor streak down. The ball itself was preceded by two streaks that seemed connected to the meteor like legs. It was electric blue, neon blue, pure crystalline warm current Pacific Ocean water blue. For quite a few seconds I wondered if the Martians had landed. After I reported to Kayt, who had been asleep but had to be woken up for the occasion, the dogs and I walked towards where I had seen it. I half expected to see a smoking spaceship crashed at the old Chandler homestead. First thing this morning, I emailed a reporter at the local newspaper to ask if anyone else had reported seeing the meteor. As my extremely excellent fortune would have it, the reporter had also seen it! It was an amazing and thrilling sighting. I will never forget it. The dogs, by the way, were unimpressed.

Meteor Mark of meteorblog.com reports that we are in the midst of a very minor meteor shower, the y-Normids, that will peak about March 13.


  1. I hear from a reliable source--a VERY reliable source--that the blue meteor spotted last week is not a meteor after all. Most likely the sighting orignated from a project conducted by Ft. Richardson. What, when, where, how, and WHY are still legitimate questions for us to ask. Keep your ears and eyes open Beyondalistas.

  2. An update on the update: The more I think about this electric blue fireball sighting, the more I want to believe it was a meteor. I don't want to believe that the military was testing some kind of hardware over our heads. Who knows what kind of substances and just plain old bad karma could rain down from airborne military devices! I want this sighting to be a meteor, and so galldurnit, that's what it's going to be. Besides, I don't know where my tinfoil hat is located...