Saturday, May 23, 2009

I feel the earth move under my feet

Wow. Not the Big One, but the Close One! An 3.8 earthquake woke us all up here Beyond Ester in the middle of the night. The Alaska Earthquake Information Center notes that the quake's epicenter is 4 miles south of Ester. (Click on the map for an enlarged version) That's where we live. Everyone at our house woke up. The dogs barked their furious moose alert bark, thinking that there was a moose stomping on the deck. Kayt said she thought the cats were shaking the bed. I thought a grader had taken a wrong turn and was in our driveway headed for the house. We also heard it--a rumbly buzzy sound. Always interesting, living in Alaska!
Thanks to the UAF Geophysical Institute for the map.


  1. There was no sleep to be had at our house after the quakes and quivers! I laid awake for hours waiting for the next aftershock. Yes, life in Alaska is interesting. There was a moment when I thought we should move out bed outside, but then worried that the trees would fall on us :)

  2. May 29--Just felt another one! 3.7 and located near us on Chena Ridge, from the coordinates on the GI website. It interrupted Mattie and Sam's peaceful hay-munching.

    Hope all's well at Beyond Ester.